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Project / Corporate Finance
Project and Corporate Finance is a very challenging and complex business. Both are two distinct concepts within the realm of financial management.

Project Finance:

Definition: Project finance refers to the financing of a particular project or endeavor, typically in industries such as infrastructure, energy, or construction.

Structure: The financing structure in project finance is often isolated from the sponsor's balance sheet and relies on the cash flow generated by the project for repayment.

Risk Allocation: Risks in project finance are carefully allocated among project participants to ensure that each party bears the risks it can manage best.

Security: The assets and cash flow of the project itself serve as collateral, limiting the impact on the sponsor's overall financial health in case of project failure.

Corporate Finance:

Definition: Corporate finance involves the financial activities and decisions made by companies to maximize shareholder value and ensure the company's financial health.

Scope: It encompasses a broad range of financial activities, including capital investment decisions, financing strategies, dividend policies, and managing financial risks.

Funding Sources: Corporate finance involves raising capital from various sources, such as equity and debt, to fund the company's operations, investments, and growth initiatives.

Risk Management: Companies engaging in corporate finance employ various financial instruments and strategies to manage risks associated with currency fluctuations, interest rates, and market volatility.

In summary, project finance is a specialized form of financing tailored for specific projects, often with a focus on risk management and cash flow from the project itself. On the other hand, corporate finance deals with the broader financial decisions of a company, including how it raises and allocates capital to achieve its overall business objectives.

IMCI+ Capital stands as a specialized division within the reputed Swiss IMCI+ Group Intl., a company established in 2004 and widely recognized for its excellence in project and corporate finance. Our division is proud to offer an extensive array of services, backed by access to international resources through approximately 70 strategic partnerships and underwriting roles. In collaboration, we possess the capacity to finance projects ranging from a minimum size of 20 million USD/Euros to an impressive 50 billion USD.

Our expertise encompasses various financial instruments, including debt finance, equity, mezzanine financing, bond placements, and M&A transactions. Furthermore, we have expanded our service portfolio to include Credit Rating/Recommendations and Transaction Costs Coverage Guarantees. We also facilitate Credit Risk/Payment Default Insurance.

Whether you are a potential project owner, EPC company, or a professional financial consultant/advisor seeking to enhance your activities in 2024, we are delighted to engage in further discussions with you. Please feel free to reach out to one of our members within the IMCI+ Alliance or directly contact us at

In aspects of Project Financing, IMCI+ Capital is acting as fiduciary and co-underwriter. We are linked to different Banks and Investors.

IMCI+ is offering alternative investment solutions, under a fiduciary and underwriting model. Means, in this role, IMCI+ must guarantee certain services, before the file is finally closed and materialized.

Types of Financing and Investments:
Long term Loan, Short term Loan, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Equity Financing, Debt Financing, Line of Credit and all types of alternative financing is available. (It could be Negotiable on Face to Face Meeting and process of Site Visit & Due Diligence).

Types of Collateral:
Property, Risk insurance, Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantees, SBLC, PPA in energy projects, Cash or savings accounts, Paper investments, Investment accounts, Natural reserves, Blanket Liens, etc. (This matter is negotiable).

 Key Industrial Sectors:

  • Life sciences / Pharmaceutics / Biotech
  • Luxury goods
  • Real Estate
  • Energy / Renewal Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality, Airline & Tourism
  • Industrial
  • FMCG & Retail
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure


Process of a project financing at the IMCI+ Capital

Embarking on a project finance journey can be intricate, involving an array of players and experts. At IMCI+ Capital, we've crafted these guidelines to guide you through the process, ensuring you maximize your chances of success. While every project is unique, the insights in this document will empower you to navigate the process efficiently.

To set the stage for your successful transaction, consider the following points before presenting your project to an authorized IMCI+ Alliance Member or our Financial Services Team:

·        Documentation Excellence

·        Minimum Cash at disposal

·        Collaterals – Guarantees – Insurance


Documentation Excellence:

The following documentation is essential in order to evaluate and obtain interest from our lending/banking parties and investors.

·        IMCI+ Pre-qualification file

·        Letter of Intent (LOI) signed by key stakeholders

·        Comprehensive project owner information

·        IMCI+ Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA)

·        Robust Business Plan

·        Thorough Feasibility Studies

·        Insightful Marketing Studies

·        Well-crafted Risk Management Framework

·        Financial records for the past 2-3 years

·        Engaging product and company brochures

·        Key licenses, patents, authorizations, and awards

·        Client, distributor, and supplier lists

·        Good Standing Certificates from authorities on the company and management team

·        Proof of Funds (POF) to cover transaction costs

The IMCI+ Alliance experts and its members are delighted to assist you in materializing key documentation and accompany you during the application process.


Our organization and structure are engaging yearly in 40-80 projects yearly. Median size of deals is ca. 40 Mio USD, up to > Billions USD. For confidential reasons, we are not communicating any names, however are happy to present a list of projects engaged on an updated based and during the application process.



Monetization financial instruments is complex and requires a great deal of experience and skill. In general, between state regulatory processes, compliance with stringent conditions: IMF, central banks, money laundering, compliance, Basel 3 requirements and more.

Contracted to carry out the transfer of the financial instrument is made only through electronic systems for secure banking system (Swift). Any attempt to contract a different way, will then be invalid and flagged as “red lights”. In addition, the law requires to report to the proper authorities.

Legitimate targets of monetizing financial instruments can be used to establish the following examples:
+ A variety of Projects.
+ Commodities Trading.
+ Financial Instruments Trading.
+ Performance adequacy ratio for Private Equity and Hedge Funds.
+ Mergers & Acquisitions.

Submission of an application to monetize instruments requires the following:
+ A variety of Projects.
CIS/KYC on Clients and Corporation.
+ Corporate Board Resolution.
+ An Executive Summary of the project.
+ The Face Value of the Instrument.
+ A full copy of the financial instrument including serial numbers (ISIN) and (CUSIP).
A high resolution copy of passport(s) in color.
+ All documents required for due diligence.

IMCI is offering a wide range of corporate finance services:
+ Projects and deal assessments
+ Company valuation services
+ Market study
Strategic analysis and proposals
+ Business plan elaboration according to the highest standards required by the most rigorous investors.
+ Teaser or executive summary of the business to be presented to investors
+ Risk assessment using the most modern tools like Montecarlo Simulation
+ Start up advisors and management
+ Turnaround advisors and management
+ Due diligence
MBO’s and LBO’s advisory


credit rating and recommendation services

IMCI+ Group Intl. has joined forces with a reputed rating company established in 1991. They belong to the Alliance of Moddy’s Investors Service.

Our partner provides credit ratings for global businesses based on a well-structured methodology after reviewing both qualitative and quantitative factors of target businesses. The rating analysis is well descriptive and assess both historical performance as well as future performance prospects of the business. It is beneficial to clearly understand the credit worthiness of a business in terms of the assigned rating from an independent rating agency.

A credit review report determines a borrower’s ability to meet their debt obligations and the lender’s aim when advancing credit. This report depicts the overall creditworthiness and credit risk of borrowers while enabling the lenders to make informed decisions. Our partner will provide credit reviews and opinions on a transaction or product-specific and due diligence basis.

Lenders find our partner an essential resource for managing risks during their lending decisions.

 KYB (Know Your Business) report is a due diligence report that provides detailed information about a target business’ internal and external environments. KYB reports are typically used by businesses and financial institutions to assess the risk of working with customers, suppliers, and borrowers. KYB helps institutions to

make informed decisions. The KYB report is an important tool for assessing the risk associated with doing business with a particular company, and is used extensively by financial institutions, suppliers, and other stakeholders in making informed decisions.


The base documentation requested:

·        KYC Documents

·        Trade License / Certificate of Incorporation / Business License

·        Memorandum / Articles of Association

·        Address confirmation for company (Utility Bill or Lease Agreement)

·        Financial Documents

·        Audited Financials (minimum two years)

·        Latest Bank Statement of the Company (Minimum six months)

·        Complete Business Profile

·        Future Business Prospects and Financial Projections

Our partner will additionally work with the official set of your application established with IMCI+. An partner officer will add value to the DD process to the IMCI+ team.

Costs: Varies on the services,, but can have a range between 5’000-20’000 USD.

guarantee coverage transaction costs

IMCI+ Group Intl. Gmbh is acting as the underwriter of a reputed company, which covers the risk that your transaction in aspects of project finance would not succeed. This means, all costs related to the construction of the Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, Marketing Studies and Risk Management Framework at the Pre-Engagement Phase by IMCI+ Capital, are covered by this guarantee policy, assuming the project is pre-accepted by IMCI+ Capital and our lenders/investors or specific service providers.


As following key parameters of the guaranteed coverture service:

What is covered:

ü  Refusal to disburse financing due to change in Investor / Lender opinion about the project after pre-acceptance

ü  Refusal to disburse financing due to change in the Investor’s or Lender’s strategy after pre-acceptance

ü  Inability of the investor to provide the financing due to its crisis (not triggered by frauds)

ü  Refusal to disburse financing due to an IMCI+ unintentional mistake

What is not covered:

  • Frauds at any level and entity
  • Change in customer’s mind
  • Customer’s inability and/or unwillingness to provide adequate documents, data and information required by Investors / Lenders and by IMCI+ Group Intl.
  • Customer’s inability and/or unwillingness to provide required collaterals, guarantees, etc. by Investors / Lenders


mergers & acquisitions

The IMCI+ Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) consultants offer a comprehensive range of services, catering to both sell-side and buy-side mandates. Our professionals play a crucial role in guiding clients through the complexities of M&A transactions, whether they are looking to sell their business, acquire another company, or merge with a strategic partner. Here's an in-depth look at the services provided:


Sell-Side Services:

ü  Strategic Advisory

ü  Preparation for Sale

ü  Valuation

ü  Deal Structuring

ü  Market Research and Target Identification

ü  Buyer Identification

ü  Competitive Landscape

ü  Deal Negotiation

ü  Conflict Resolution

ü  Due Diligence Support:

ü  Information Compilation

ü  Facilitation

ü  Due Diligence Support

ü  Information Compilation: M&A consultants assist in compiling comprehensive due diligence materials to provide potential buyers with a clear understanding of the business.

ü  Facilitation: They facilitate due diligence processes, ensuring that all necessary information is shared transparently with potential acquirers.

ü  Documentation Assistance

ü  Closing Support

ü  Integration Planning

ü  Stakeholder Communication


Buy-Side Services:

ü  Strategic Acquisition Planning

ü  Market Scanning

ü  Due Diligence

ü  Deal Structuring and Financing

ü  Negotiation

ü  Risk Mitigation

ü  Regulatory Compliance:

ü  Post-Acquisition Integration

ü  Cultural Integration

ü  Risk Management

ü  Risk Assessment

ü  Contingency Planning

ü  Financial Modeling and Analysis

ü  Communication and Stakeholder Management

ü  Change Management

ü  Legal Documentation and Closing