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IMCI Capital Services is a Division of IMCI Group Intl. LLC / GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland.

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IMCI+ Group International LLC /GmbH has Swiss roots going back to 1998, as the founder and global CEO, Mr. Modesto N Peña, started his career as interim manager and strategic advisor. In 2004 he founded the company in Switzerland as IMC Peña, (Integrated Management Consultancy) as a single proprietorship firm. In 2010 he launched the group as IMC Intl., initially as a network organization of premium-level professionals, with 16 associates in 10 countries and five business lines. 

In 2016 and 2018 IMCI+ was shortlisted for nomination as “Best International M&A Advisory Partner – Global 2016 and 2018” by Capital Finance International www.cfi.com. We hold since 2013 two TV shows at the Swiss Financial TV – Dukascopy TV in Geneva.

In 2019, IMCI+ has signed a fiduciary agreement with a Swiss-European Private Equity / VC /Investment structure, which alone is Switzerland closes funding projects in the value of over 1 Billion Euros and an overall transactions volume in 2018 of over 3 Trillion US$. Further, we signed a strategic alliance with Brainforce International in Zürich, one of the largest interim solutions providers in Europe.

In 2020, IMCI+ became a syndicate partner of the large group backed by 70 banks and offering XL funding services up to the size of 100 Billion US$. The same year we launched the Joint Venture Investment Partnership Program (JVIPP), offering investment partners joining IMCI+ as shareholders in our new structure.

In 2021 IMCI+ was able to capitalize its structure and preparing its structure around the Vision 2025.

Within the Vision 2025, we have re-established the Corporate HQ’s in Switzerland around the following structure and divisions

     + IMCI+ Group International LLC (Corporate and Holding)
     + IMCI+ World Advisors Alliance Ltd (Network)
     + IMCI+ Capital Services (Investment Services, Investment Fund, Project Finance)
     + IMCI+ Consultancy & M&A Services

We are recognized as a member by SECA -  Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) which is the representative body for Switzerland's private equity, venture capital, and corporate finance industries. https://www.seca.ch/.

 A further application is in progress and to be recognized by Swiss FINMA and become a member of one of the self-regulatory bodies.  https://www.finma.ch/en.

The Swiss IMCI+ Group International LLC acts as the Holding and Management Services of the Group Structure.

It is offering a certain number of high-level services, linked to three main strategic fields.

+ Investment Services
  Joint Venture Investor Partnership Program
  Family Office / Wealth Management Services

Project Finance
  For Private firms
  PPP related projects

Funds Management
  Linked to our JVIPP Program
  Trading / Investments