Investment Services

Investment Services

  • Joint Venture Investor Partnership Program
  • Family Office / Wealth Management Services

The investment services are acting as a boutique and specific tailored framework to HNVI, Institutional investors, Independent Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and Family Office.

The Concept can be designed as following:



The JVIPP Program
IMCI+ is offering a Joint Venture Partnership to an Investment Partner, capable to allocate minimum of 10 Mio € up to 100 Mio.€ as loan into the JV and SPV.  This is a loan against a fix rate of 8-9% and depending on the investment an IRR of 12-20% pa. overall, during a lifetime of 5-7 years. The Investment Partner will receive up-to 40% of the shares of the JV Firm, with a pledge of the remaining 60% of the JV Firm’s shares. Upon repayment of the loan, IMCI+ will paid out the JV Investor’s shares at market value. Eventually the JV Partner will have allocated shares directly into a full regulated Investment Fund.